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API Authentication

To ensure the security of your data, all interactions with the Tidyflow API require authentication. This section will guide you through obtaining and using an authentication token.

Obtaining Your Token

To access the API, you'll need an API token, which acts as a bearer token during authentication. Here’s how you can obtain your token:

Log in to your Tidyflow dashboard.
Navigate to your Settings.
Click on the 'API Tokens' section.
Generate your new API token.

Remember to keep your token secure. Do not share your token publicly or with unauthorized individuals.

Using Your Token

Once you have your token, you must include it in the Authorization header as a Bearer token with each API request.

Here's an example of including the Authorization header with a request:

GET /api/v1/clients HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer YourApiTokenHere

Replace YourApiTokenHere with your actual API token.

Handling Tokens

- Keep it Secret: Treat your token like a password. It provides full access to your Tidyflow account via the API.
- Keep it Safe: If you suspect your token has been compromised, regenerate it immediately through your Tidyflow dashboard.
- Headers: Always use HTTPS to send your token to prevent exposure. Never include your token in a URL query string.


If you receive a 401 Unauthorized response status code, it indicates that either no authentication token was provided or the token is invalid. Verify that you have included the token in the header correctly and that it is valid.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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