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Getting Started

Welcome to Tidyflow. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different sections of Tidyflow to kickstart your journey towards seamless project management.

To Get Started We Recommend the Following

Add Users - Get your team onboard by adding users to Tidyflow. Ensure that everyone has access to the tools and information they need to perform their roles effectively.
Import Clients - Transition smoothly by importing your existing client list into Tidyflow. This will help you maintain continuity and start managing your projects right away.
Add Tags - Create a set of tags to help categorize and filter through your tasks and projects efficiently. Tags can reflect task types (e.g. Payroll, Bookkeeping, etc.), priorities, clients types, project stages, and more.
Setup Task Templates - Establish Task Templates for common project types or workflows. This will streamline the creation of new tasks and ensure consistency in how projects are tackled.
Deploy Task Templates - Once your templates are set up, put them into action. Apply them to new or existing projects to expedite the task creation process and jumpstart your project management workflow.

Overview of Different Sections


The Inbox is your command center, where you can view all your notifications in one consolidated space, including comments from team member, tasks assigned to you and tasks marked as complete.


The Clients section is where you can keep track of all your client information.


Tasks are the building blocks of your clients. Here, you can create, assign, and prioritize tasks to ensure your team knows what to focus on at every stage.

Task Templates

Save time with Task Templates. They allow you to create a pre-set list of tasks that you can deploy for recurring projects or common processes.


Under Time, you can see all time entries, making it easy to track hours and ensure your engagements are profitable.


Use Tags to categorize tasks and clients for quick searching and reporting. They’re a powerful tool for keeping your workflow organized.


If you need assistance, the Help section provides chat support and access to the HelpDesk for all your queries.


Personalize Tidyflow to fit your firm's unique needs in the Settings. Configure account details, user roles, permissions, and more.

+ Button on Menu

The + Button is your quick access to add new items like tasks, clients, projects and time.

Tidyflow is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so dive in and explore! Remember, our Help section is just a click away if you need any guidance. Happy task managing!

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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