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Adding a New User

There are two ways to add a new user to your firm within the system:

Method 1: Using the "+" Button on the Top Menu

Click on the + icon located on the top menu bar.
Select Add User from the dropdown options.
Fill in the new user's details:
- First Name: The first name of the new user.
- Last Name: The last name of the new user.
- E-mail: The email address of the new user.
- Role: Choose the user's role from the dropdown (Standard, Admin or Owner).
Click the Save button to send an invitation to the new user.

Method 2: From the Settings Page

Navigate to the Settings page from the sidebar.
Within the settings menu, find and click on Users.
On the Users page, click the Invite member button.
Enter the necessary information for the new user:
- First Name: Input the first name.
- Last Name: Input the last name.
- E-mail: Add the email address.
- Role: Select the appropriate role.
After filling out the user's details, click on Save to issue the invitation.

Note: Ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed before attempting to save the new user details.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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