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Understanding User Roles and Permissions

Managing your team effectively means understanding the different user roles within Tidyflow and the permissions that come with each. Here's a quick guide to help you assign the right roles and maintain control over your workspace.

User Types

There are three main user types in Tidyflow:

- Owner
- Admin
- Standard
- Contacts (note: these users are managed as part of Contact Management and not in the normal User Settings)


Owners are the top-level users with the following capabilities:

- Full access to all features
- Manage Subscription Billing.
- Can view Private Projects and Task, only if granted access.
- Add Billing and Cost Rates for Users.
- Add permissions for other Users to View and/or Edit Cost and Billing Rates for Users.


Admin users are similar to Owners but with a couple of key differences:

- Can perform most actions that Owners can, except for accessing billing information.
- Can view Private Projects and Task, only if granted access.


Standard users can participate fully in daily operations with the following exceptions:

- No access to billing details.
- Cannot manage other users.
- Unable to alter Firm Settings, such as the Firm's name and other critical details.


Contact users can access the Client Portal.

Note: Always consider the principle of least privilege when assigning roles to ensure the security of your firm's data and operations.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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